Course Details
Course Code SC 401 (2013) AM Session
Course Title Customs Competency Test for Declarants
Course Objectives This module is designed to test an individual’s knowledge of the customs procedures & documentation requirements. Upon passing this test, the individual can then apply for registration with SC as a declarant to submit TradeNet® permit declarations.
Course Duration 1 hour (Morning Session)
Course Information
Target Group:
Individuals who wish to register as a declarant with Singapore Customs for submitting TradeNet® permit declarations.
Format of the test:
The test will be an open-book exam comprising of 50 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).
Venue of the test:
Singapore Customs Academy
Key topics to be tested:
1. Introduction to Customs Procedures
-   Overview of Customs import, export and transhipment procedures
-   Overview of TradeNet® System
-   Registration procedures
-   Controlled / Prohibited / Dutiable items
-   Customs duty, excise duty and Goods and Services Tax (GST)
-   Duty/Tax rates and calculations
2. TradeNet® Declarations
-   Different types of permit declarations
-   Relevant permit conditions
-   Amendments and cancellations of permit declarations
-   Refunds
3. Valuation
-   Introduction to WTO Valuation Agreement
-   Methods of valuation
-   Incoterms

-   Common valuation issues
4. Classification
Purpose of Harmonised System (HS)
-  Structure of HS
-  General Interpretation Rule
5. Rules of Origin (ROO)
-   Purpose of ROO and Certificate of Origin (CO)
-   ROO methodology
-   CO application procedures
-   Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)
6. Specialised Procedures
-   Temporary importation / exportation procedures
-   ATA Carnets
-   Manifest procedures
-   Duty Exemption / GST Relief
-   Strategic Goods / Chemical Weapons Convention
-   Customs Schemes and Licenses e.g.
    > Licensed Premises Scheme
    > Zero GST Warehouse Scheme

Points to note:

Individuals who wish to sit for the test are advised to familiarise themselves with above-listed subject areas. In addition to attending courses conducted at Singapore Customs Academy i.e. SC 101, 102, 103 courses, individuals can also acquire the necessary customs procedural knowledge either by visiting our website (, accessing our eLearning courseware from our website ( or learning electronically at their own pace by accessing the animated lessons or webcasts available at our Virtual Academy (


Individuals are required to bring a calculator and are free to bring in any hardcopy reference materials on the actual test day. A copy of Singapore Trade Classification, Customs and Excise Duties 2012 will be provided for reference.


A Certificate of Competency will be issued to a candidate who has passed the test after two weeks of the test. Therefore, please ensure that the full organisation address is indicated when filling up the online registration form. 

[Note: Singapore Customs reserves the right to review the modalities of the Customs Competency Test for Declarants. Advance notice of the changes will be communicated.] 
Course Fees
(Inclusive of GST)
S$ 29.96

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